For more than 20 years we have provided  construction and erection services that top builders have used. MDA Construction Services and Infinity have proven methodology for ensuring your projects meet budget and scheduling deadlines.

Since 1997 we have worked together with Infinity Structures, Inc. We have perfected our erection process through the streamlining of existing practices and the incorporation of new and innovative techniques.

We draw from our vast years of experience with pre-panelized metal structures and composite decking supplied to us by Infinity Structures, Inc. ​Our ability to adapt to our customers' ever changing needs while keeping the job on schedule sets us apart from the competition.


Mr. Arnett
​Co-President and performs the duties as "Chief Operations Officer" for the company. Mr. Arnett currently holds a General Contractors License in multiple states as well as many other industry certifications. He is intricately involved in every project from inception to completion.  This includes the bid process, contract review and consummation, interfacing with the General Contractor before and during the build process.  He also is the primary liaison between Infinity and MDA.  He has over 20 years’ experience in the "Infinity System" and is tortuously familiar with all facets of the system.

 Mrs. Arnett
​Co-President and perform the duties "Chief Financial Officer" for the company.  She oversees all financial matters including insurance coverage, accounts receivable, accounts payable, insurance compliance audits, waivers and releases, payroll, bonding, and licensing.

Mr. Robertson
Tony has a bachelor’s degree in "Occupational Health and Process Safety", and has over 20 years of experience in process improvement. Tony currently fills the role of our "Operations Manager" reporting directly to the Presidents of our Company.  He provides oversight on matters concerning liability and risk management, safety, process and policy development, purchasing, logistics, payroll, our warehouse, licensing, and day to day operational functions.

Ms. Cox
With her "Construction Engineering Technology" degree. She fills the role of our "Senior Estimator".  She is intricately involved in the take off and bidding process, she also assists in the contract review and consummation process. She continually interfaces with the Infinity Project Managers to ensure any potential gaps are identified and corrected.

Mrs. McMorrow

Fills the role of our Accounts Payable department. She oversees all payments of invoices and utilities as well as reconciling accounts. She works with any vendors requesting information on payments as well as working with the Accounts Receivable department when needed.

Mrs. Nobles
​She currently serves as our "Purchasing Coordinator". Mrs. Nobles brings years of managerial experience to MDA., and her duties include price negotiations with vendors, ensuring the authorized vendor list is maintained and updated, purchasing and arranging shipment of goods from vendors to project sites, finding and setting up housing for our employees near project locations. Interfacing with Superintendents to ensure all projects have adequate supplies and equipment.


Mr. Degheb

He is our Optimization Specialist and also fill up the role Human resource manager. He brings a high level of positive energy to add on to are team. 

The Infinity System

The Infinity Structures is a structural framing system supplier specializing in the Epicore MSR Composite Floor System on pre-panelized load-bearing metal stud walls. It is ideal for mid-rise residential projects such as Apartments, Condos, Lofts, Student Housing, Hotels and Senior Living Facilities. 

MDA Construction Services and Infinity Structures work as symbiotic partners, supporting one another's success and ensuring it. Working with the Infinity System is one of the integral pieces of our foundation as a business. This system has helped us to increase our productivity and stay on or ahead of schedule.